Natural Skin Care - Organic Aid to Helping your Skin.

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The search for a miracle solution to improving a women's skin overnight has never ended. Shopping channels and social media broadcast the latest, greatest products, guaranteed to preserve those youthful looks and that timeless beauty. At D.S.Maisey we know it is not that easy and have taken a different approach, working with some of the best naturally inspired products globally.

Our partnership with Aqua Bio Technologies in Norway is a testament to that commitment for natural, organic quality. ABT's products do not bring a chemical alteration to your derma cells but instead teach them to be healthier, tighter while bringing a youthful purity that lasts. Where chemical applications require constant upkeep, missing a couple of days with any of D.S.Maisey's catalog of products, will not cause a notable difference. Like all organs in the human body, nourishment and proper care are all that is required and the delivery system, the key to improved derma health. 

Seidr and Seidr Clinique provide almost 10X more nourishment and moisturizing to your skin, much more than what is currently accepted as an industry standard. This product line and the others that are soon to follow, will all adhere to the same standards. 

We are proud of our commitment to quality and although we know we are not yet complete, know we will achieve our goals to be the leading provider of globally recognized, organically based and naturally derived skin care products.  


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Natural Skin Care without the Elements